1. Do Consumers Respond to Marginal or Average Price? Evidence from Nonlinear Electricity Pricing
    American Economic Review, 104 (2): 537-63, 2014.
    Abstract | Paper | Slides

  2. Asymmetric Incentives in Subsidies: Evidence from a Large-Scale Electricity Rebate Program
    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 7 (3): 209-37, 2015.
    Abstract | Paper | Slides

  3. Sequential Markets, Market Power and Arbitrage
    American Economic Review, 106 (7): 1921-57, 2016. (with Mar Reguant)
    Abstract | Paper | Slides | Japanese

  4. Moral Suasion and Economic Incentives: Field Experimental Evidence from Energy Demand
    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 10 (1): 240-67, 2018. (with Takanori Ida and Makoto Tanaka)
    Abstract | Paper | Slides | Washington Post | Forbes | Japanese

  5. The Economics of Attribute-Based Regulation: Theory and Evidence from Fuel-Economy Standards
    Review of Economics and Statistics, 100 (2): 319-336, 2018. (with Jim Sallee)
    Abstract | Paper | Slides | Nikkei Business | Japanese

  6. Willingness to Pay for Clean Air: Evidence from Air Purifier Markets in China
    Journal of Political Economy, 128 (5): 1627-1672, 2020 (Lead Article, with Shuang Zhang)
    Abstract | Paper | Slides | Wall Street Journal | Forbes | Bloomberg | Japanese

  7. Reforming Inefficient Energy Pricing: Evidence from China
    NBER Working Paper #26853, March 2020 (with Shuang Zhang).
    Abstract | Paper

  8. How Do Consumers Respond to Nonlinear Pricing? Evidence from Household Water Demand
    Current Draft: April 2013

Work in Progress

  1. International Spillovers of Policy Impacts Through Multinational Firms: Evidence from Global Automobile Markets (with Jim Sallee).

  2. Selection on Welfare Gains: Experimental Evidence from Electricity Plan Choice (with Takanori Ida and Makoto Tanaka).

  3. Information Frictions, Inertia, and Selection on Elasticity: A Field Experiment on Electricity Tariff Choice (with Takanori Ida and Makoto Tanaka).

Policy Briefs

  1. Challenges for Upcoming Deregulation of Japan’s Electricity Sector
    Keizai Kyoshitsu, Nihon Keizai Shinbun, February 2016

  2. Reforming Japan’s Electricity Sector: Abe’s Push for Deregulation
    National Bureau of Asian Research, October 2013

  3. Do Energy Rebate Programs Encourage Conservation?
    Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research Policy Brief #2419, April 2012

  4. Reforming Japan’s Power Industry
    Presentation at “One Year After Japan’s 3/11 Disaster: Reforming Japan’s Energy Sector, Governance, and Economy,” Stanford University, February 2012